Miguel Angel Perera en San Isidro 2012

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Miguel Angel Perera en San Isidro 2012

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Hazdabe people. Tanzania. The last hunter


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Pirineos, climbing Maladeta

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In loving memory of the incredible Hazdabe people, called “bushmen”. Tanzania

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"Cinematographers are hired for their eyes, for their artistic ability as visual storytellers, and for how they can run a set. Whether I´m shooting on film or digital, my job remains the same: to use the camera to tell the story the best way I can"


Roger Deakins, American Cinematographer, Nov 2011


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T4 Madrid

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Debate de investidura en España…

Investiture debate in Spain …

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Friday night at cinema in Minsk Belarus

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sunflowers in Ukraine near the border with Hungary and Slovakia

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Sudan man in Odessa, Ucrania. Married an ucranian woman with two wonderfull kids.

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Site of nacho lópez, photograper of My Parcela

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